Get Support

You can't underestimate the importance social support if you're looking to make long-term, sustainable changes to your health and fitness.

Making any large lifestyle change is challenging and a counterproductive environment will only make the transition more difficult. It's important to be around people that embody the change you want to make. Expand your social circle if you don't have a positive environment within your immediate group of friends; get involved in the community of health and fitness.
The "community of health and fitness" may sound intimidating, but it can mean a number of things and provides many options: sign up for a local sports league, try a group fitness class, join an online fitness discussion board, register for a 5K run/walk -- the list is endless! Put yourself out there, do things, be active and surround yourself with other active people. You'll be surprised how fun and fulfilling physical activity is once you're in the right environment.
 It's been said that close friends will mimic each other's career successes, and the same is true for accomplishments in health and fitness. You'll see how natural a healthy lifestyle is once you're involved with a group that provides the proper support and encouragement.
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