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Testimonials - - Online Fitness Consulting


"My original goals were to reduce my cholesterol, reduce my waistline and increase my stamina.  Mike has helped me achieve all three goals, so I'm trying to maintain those achievements while building strength, too. I highly recommend Mike and his services."

-Brian W. 
"I have been working with Mike on and off since June, 2006, and could not possibly be happier.  He is always a pleasure to interact with and he has made a huge difference in my life.  He has put together a comprehensive program for me.  His help is great motivation."
-Derek C. 
"Mike Tenerowicz's fitness consulting gets my strongest recommendation. I was acquainted with Mr. Tenerowicz for roughly two years in his capacity as a personal trainer at my local gym. Both my son, a teenager, and I were clients of his. It was my constant observation that Mr. Tenerowicz had excellent interpersonal skills, with persons of all ages, and exceptional skill in dealing with teens. His approach was direct and open. He was a very attentive listener and had good powers of observation. He was able to provide direction in a quiet, yet assertive manner. Lastly, he offered just the right amount of support and encouragement. Perhaps because of his calm, open manner, he was particularly effective in providing instruction to a teenager. My son was 13-years-old when he started training; he had been side-lined from physical activity for the prior year due to a severe elbow fracture and two surgeries, and was in great need of physical re-conditioning. Mr. Tenerowicz worked with him – steadily and patiently – for one year (approximately three times per week), getting him to a point where he not only regained lost strength but also enjoyed the process. The interaction between them was unfailingly positive. Because of my experiences with Mr. Tenerowicz, I decided to continue working with him as a remote-consulting client. My experience with this process met my high expectations and I couldn't recommend Mike's services more."
-Allison A. 
"I've worked with Mike for almost 5 years now. I've made unbelievable progress and really enjoy dealing with him."
-Joe M. 
"I met Mike Tenerowicz about three years ago at the Sutter Davis Healthy Weight Program, where he worked as a trainer and I was, and still am, a client/patient.  The Program has a steady turnover of trainers, many of whom work there while completing degrees at U.C. Davis.  Mike was one of those. I have been in the Program for a long time, and I have seen many come and go.  Mike is in a special category.  He was the most effective and the most popular of the trainers; a very effective teacher in a challenging situation where many of the clients are older people and many lack self-motivation.  Through a combination of patience and good humor, a mix of positive encouragement and gentle chiding, Mike was able to get clients to work harder and achieve much more than they would have otherwise, and feel good about it.  For many of us, knowing that Mike would be there was an important factor in maintaining our attendance and effective participation.  Over the year or two when Mike was employed there, I benefited a great deal from his work, and from his friendship.  I recommend him to you without reservation."
-Stacey G. 
"Mike helped me achieve a 300-pound bench press and a 400-pound squat. Both were elusive goals I've had for years!"
-Andy M.