Mike’s been a professional trainer for over a decade and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience, while developing a general intuitiveness that makes him uniquely effective giving result-producing advice. Over the years Mike’s worked with thousands of clients. He’s trained Olympic-level athletes, helped patients recover from surgery and advised hundreds of others on how to get the body they’ve always wanted.


Mike received a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science from the University of California, Davis. During his time at Davis, Mike started his first personal training business and began training clients regularly. In addition to training personal clients Mike also worked at a local weight management and cardiac rehab clinic. Mike’s personal clients were primarily athletes looking to get strong and lean, while the clients in clinic were just hoping to regain a sense of overall health and optimism. This diversity gave Mike great perspective and a large knowledge base to effectively provide guidance to a variety of people.


Noticing that his real strength was in program planning and providing general support, Mike moved away from one-on-one training and began consulting. As a consultant, Mike’s worked with hundreds of clients – with goals ranging from extreme weight loss to body building to sports-specific training. Mike always gives his clients completely customized, from-scratch training schedules and nutrition support.


Mike can help clients looking for weight loss, muscle gain, powerlifting, bodybuilding, athletic performance or just general health. Mike will bring clarity to the challenging process of reaching your goals and straight forward answers to all of your questions and concerns.