Consulting Packages

You can read about the consulting packages we offer below. All consulting is done online using Skype, Apple FaceTime or Google Video Chat. After you purchase a package you'll receive an e-mail with a detailed Client Evaluation Questionnaire and next steps.
We're looking forward to working with you! 

Basic Package - $149
The Basic Package includes two, 30-minute consultations. During the fist consultation we'll discuss goals, lifestyle challenges and your current fitness status. The goal of this initial talk is to really let me get to know you, your motivations and what you want to get out of these sessions. We'll also review your responses to the Client Evaluation Questionnaire.
Based on the information I learn during our first talk, I'll develop your custom training and nutrition plan. These plans vary greatly from person to person, with the end product created from scratch based on your specific needs and goals. Once your plan ready (I guarantee a seven-day-or-less turnaround time), we'll schedule the second 30-minute appointment to review everything and make sure you're setup for success. You'll be given an electronic version of everything via e-mail.

Basic Package + Follow Up - $199
This package includes the two appointments described in the Basic Package as well as two additional 30-minute follow-up appointments. The follow-up appointments are generally used to assess progress and make program tweaks. I recommend scheduling these at the one- and three-month marks, but you can schedule them whenever you like.

Follow-Up Session - $49
You can purchase a Follow-Up Session to schedule a single 30-minute appointment whenever you'd like. You don't need to purchase a consultation packages to buy a Follow-Up Session, but keep in mind that this doesn't include an evaluation of the client questionnaire or a formal, written plan. These are great if you just have a few fitness or exercise questions, or need some quick advice.

  • I promise you'll be 100% satisfied with the services you receive. If you're unhappy for any reason you'll receive a full refund.